The Seven Deadly Sins of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards

It’s Lit Time!

By D’Lee Pollock-Moore

When my longtime friend and colleague, an AP Calculus teacher and math wizard, approached me four years ago about his child’s homework, I was baffled.  Steven didn’t ask me to help him with his daughter’s English assignments (although that came later); he asked me to check his “Common Core Math.”  If you’re reading this blog, you already know what I’m talking about with Common Core Math.  Now, for a discussion of the math standards or math Common Core strategies, or anything else Math-related, you’ll have to look elsewhere (and you will find a surplus of articles), but you may not have considered some of the issues with the Common Core English Language Arts Curriculum Standards because there are many, and they are not as widely talked about.

Below, in jargon-free, acronym-free terms, is my list of what I consider to be the worst of the worst with…

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