How To Start A Great Compost Pile This Fall – For Free!

How To Start A Great Compost Pile This Fall – For Free!

Old World Garden Farms

There is no better time to get loads of compost materials than in the fall! Even better – with a little legwork, you can secure all of them for free!

Compost is a necessity if you want to keep the soil in your garden productive year after year (See: Composting 101). Along with cover crops, using compost in the garden helps to rebuild and re-energize your soil with the vital nutrients that plants need to grow strong each year.

So whether you’re a seasoned veteran of composting, or have always wanted to start your own compost pile, here are some of the easiest ways to finding free materials to start your pile this fall:


The mother-load of free material available for free every fall!  Just take a short trip around a few wooded neighborhoods, and you can have an endless supply of leaves for your pile.

Many times, they…

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